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Our Mission

Humans have used medicinal mushrooms for millennia, and there are thousands of fungi species to choose from. However, not all mushroom supplements are of equal quality. At VidaCap, we aim to provide organic mushroom extract grown under optimal conditions by experts. The result is a batch of products that contain natural and clean ingredients, precisely what you should be putting into your body.

Who Is VidaCap?

Who Is VidaCap?

We are an American-based creator of medicinal mushroom supplements. Our team has scoured the world to find the best mushrooms. Our Chaga mushrooms come from Russia, while every other variety we sell grows in China. VidaCap products are made from mushrooms carefully cultivated in closed greenhouses. This process allows the skilled growers to properly nourish these organic mushrooms for the entirety of their growth cycle.

As a result, these mushrooms have a similar nutrient composition to their wild-growing counterparts. Our growers use their talent to ensure every batch benefits from a wide array of nourishment, improving their quality. At VidaCap, nothing less than the very best is acceptable for us or our customers.

Select Ingredients for a Healthy Body

Select Ingredients for a Healthy Body

When correctly cultivated and harvested responsibly, the mushrooms used in high-quality supplements is said to have an immense number of potential benefits. The VidaCap process is extremely detailed because it is the only way to ensure our products meet the incredibly high standards we set.

After spending the right amount of time growing in ideal conditions, VidaCap mushrooms are sundried, screened, and milled into a fine powder. Then we ensure they are placed into vegetarian-friendly capsules for easy consumption. At present, we sell five specific mushroom varieties, specially chosen for their unique profile. They are Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail mushrooms. Our Cordyceps mushrooms are mycelium, whereas the rest of our range are fruiting bodies mushrooms.

Why Buy VidaCap?

It is all too easy to make unfounded claims. In such a saturated industry, consumers find that every single mushroom supplement brand will say their products are the best and purest on the market. At VidaCap, we don’t need to make such proclamations because we already know the truth!

Every single batch of VidaCap products goes through a strict series of testing by third-party lab reports. This ensures that there are no harmful bacteria, heavy metals, or any other type of contaminant. When you put a VidaCap product into your body, you know it has gone through the most rigorous testing process imaginable.

Our Story
Jeff Yauck
Jeff Yauck
VidaCap Founder
The founder of the functional mushrooms brand VidaCap, Jeff Yauck has been in the health and wellness industry since 2017.

Passionate about ensuring that every single product going out to the public is of the highest possible quality, VidaCap products are all designed with the consumer in mind; highly accessible selections made with the most progressive and ethical techniques and methods.

Jeff knows that sometimes gaps can exist in the market, even when there is a demand for them to be filled. Superb quality, affordable, organic functional mushroom supplements are still not readily available to the wider public, despite the success many achieve with them, which is why he wanted to change that. This is why VidaCap was born.
Audrey Ferguson
Audrey Ferguson
VidaCap Nutritionist
Audrey has worked as a registered dietitian for 6 years. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In 2014 she began an internship with the Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, and was hired as an Outpatient Dietitian following graduation. She started her career counseling a variety of patients with different health concerns and disease states. After a few years into practice, she found her passion was working in cancer care, and has spent the last 4 years specializing in oncology nutrition.

In her practice, Audrey has spent a significant amount of time reviewing literature on herbal and dietary supplements in the cancer care setting. Through her work at Vidacap, she hopes to continue to expand her knowledge and understanding of the benefits of supplements in conjunction with promoting a healthy, balanced diet and management of overall health and well being.

In her spare time, she likes to cook, practice yoga and enjoy the outdoors.
Quality Products Guaranteed

Quality Products Guaranteed

We could talk about the fact that the mushrooms we use are among the best in the world. We could discuss the lengthy extraction and testing processes we perform to ensure you get the best supplements around. However, we prefer to let our satisfied customers do the talking. Please take a look at our customer reviews and discover for yourself why mushroom lovers choose VidaCap.

VidaCap is Your One-Stop Shop for Mushroom Supplements

VidaCap is Your One-Stop Shop for Mushroom Supplements

If you’re not yet convinced, please remember that Eastern medical practitioners have used mushrooms for thousands of years. A growing number of people are adding mushroom powder to their food and drink. However, they still report getting a rather potent taste. If you love the flavor of mushrooms, that’s not a problem.

Yet many people want to get the potential benefits without the taste, and that’s where our supplements come in. Adding these fabulous fungi to your daily routine is as easy as swallowing a capsule or two. Feel free to browse our website to discover more about these amazing mushrooms and have our supplements delivered to your door.

Mushroom Supplements as They Should Be

At VidaCap, we only provide you with the very best mushrooms available. Our team of experts closely oversees all aspects of the process, from growth to harvesting and extraction to processing. We do this to guarantee the kind of quality that our customers deserve. Regardless of why you might want to try these supplements, there is a VidaCap mushroom selection for you.

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