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    amanita gummies
    Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies
     Calm | Mindfulness | Balance 
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    Mushroom Chocolate
     Boost | Defend | Balance  
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    Mushroom Coffee
     Focus | Enhance | Balance  
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    Lion's Mane Mushroom Capsules
     Focus | Clarity | Mood 
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    Mushroom Capsules for Sleep
     Reishi | Passion Flower | Melatonin 
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    Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules
     Defend | Enhance | Protect 
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    Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules
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    Reishi Mushroom Capsules
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    Chaga Mushroom Capsules
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    Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder
     Focus | Clarity | Mood 
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    Reishi Mushroom Powder
     Balance | Immunity | Vitality 
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    Immunity Blend Gummies
     Apple | Cider | Vinegar 
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About Our Mushroom Supplement Products

VidaCap Mushroom Supplement Products

The mushroom market is huge right now, and there are some significant reasons for that. The world of functional mushrooms is so exciting, with much still left to discover about useful fungi. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mushroom supplements, and here at VidaCap, we have a brilliant range for you to browse.


Mushroom capsules, gummies, powder – you name it, we've got it! Our assortment of products means that there's definitely something to suit you, whatever your needs.


Check out the full range and order today, or read on to discover more about mushroom supplements and what VidaCap has to offer.


Mushroom supplements come in all shapes and sizes. The team at VidaCap understands that different people have individualized needs, and that's why it's essential to offer something for everyone. No matter your preferred intake, we will have an option for you.


The section below cover each of our items in more detail.

Mushroom Capsules

Capsules are often a preferred method for taking mushroom supplements. They provide a certain degree of ease, thanks to pre-measured doses. Plus, they're great for carrying with you wherever you go, and most people are familiar with capsules, so they can be consumed without issue.


Mushroom pills are ideal for a variety of users. The VidaCap capsules are also vegetarian-friendly, opening them up to a broader range of users. The vegetarian capsule coating ensures that our users can enjoy them no matter their dietary requirements.


We sell six varieties of mushroom capsules, each with a pure mushroom extract within. The list includes:

  • Chaga
  • Cordyceps
  • Lion's Mane
  • Reishi
  • Turkey Tail

The final option is a specially formulated sleep blend that contains reishi extract, passionflower, and melatonin.

Each capsule contains 750mg of mushroom extract, making for an ideal dosage you can take whenever, wherever you want.

Mushroom Gummies

If you're seeking a more delicious way to consume mushrooms, then gummies could be the right option. They offer a tastier alternative to capsules – and with no lingering mushroom flavor.


VidaCap's organic mushroom gummies go above and beyond the ordinary items you see on the market because they also contain apple cider vinegar. This is yet another health-promoting ingredient people often take daily, so why not combine them in one delicious gummy?


The gummies contain five mushroom species. They are one of our most popular, best-reviewed product, packing a punch of fruity flavor and the benefits of mushroom extracts. Our gummies are also vegan-friendly but maintain a perfect texture.


Don't believe us? Read the reviews and order them today to try them for yourself.

Mushroom Powder

Of all the varieties of mushroom supplements, powder is perhaps the most versatile. There are several ways to use it, but the most common is to add it to hot water. Functional mushrooms were traditionally consumed by adding them to tea, which is why this method is often preferred.


However, mushroom blend powder can also be utilized in other ways. Sticking to the drink theme, many users enjoy adding the mushroom powder to teas, coffees, and smoothies. Blending the drink or adding it to a hot beverage ensures that the powder assimilates seamlessly.


For more culinary-adventurous users, it's possible to add the mushroom powder to food, too. Many VidaCap customers make delicious mushroom-infused baked goods or even sprinkle the powder on their pancakes.


 Don't worry – the powders do not have an overwhelming flavor so they won’t shock your palate!

Mushroom Supplements FAQs

Do Mushroom Supplements Really Work?

Humans have used functional mushrooms – fungi with purported health benefits – for hundreds of years. Modern science is confirming some of what ancient cultures already knew, and new studies are continuously emerging. It's worth noting that many of the studies are conducted on animals, and human trials are not yet common.


That said, thousands of people now use mushroom supplements daily, and anecdotal reports are overwhelmingly positive. Nevertheless, every individual is different, and it's vital to remember that what works for another person may not work for you.

What Are the Benefits of Mushroom Supplements?

Mushrooms, in general, tend to contain an array of potentially beneficial compounds, including antioxidants, polysaccharides, and more. Some of these compounds are said to help the body cope with external stressors, support the immune system, and possess anti-aging compounds.


The specific benefits vary depending on the mushroom species included in the supplement. Click on the VidaCap supplements we have on offer to learn more about the ingredients within.

How to Choose a Mushroom Supplement

Since everybody is different, it can be tricky to choose a mushroom supplement that suits your exact needs. Here at VidaCap, we have tried to simplify things by listing the summarized benefits of each item. Check out the three descriptors below each product title to learn what it does.


As for selecting a consumption method, try to choose something that will help you form a daily habit. Some people love powders because they can remember to add them to their morning smoothie. Others prefer gummies because the flavor makes them something to look forward to. Or, if you already take other multivitamins and supplements, adding capsules to your cabinet is super straightforward.

What Are Mushroom Supplements Good for?

Every mushroom supplement has a different intended purpose. In general, though, mushroom supplements can help users to support an otherwise healthy, active lifestyle. The compounds in many mushrooms can support the immune system and have wide-reaching effects on the human body, but the specificities vary between species.

What Mushroom Supplements Should I Take?

Taking mushroom supplements is a highly individualized experience. You may wish to take one general-purpose supplement or combine a few for the best results.


Lots of our users prefer chaga or reishi for general use, as both of these species can help support overall health and wellbeing. Here are some of the other options:


  • Lion's Mane: Focus, clarity, mood
  • Reishi: Balance, immunity, vitality
  • Turkey Tail: Defend, enhance, protect
  • Cordyceps: Energy, endurance, performance
  • Chaga: Balance, relax, restore


We also stock a sleep option, so if you struggle to get enough rest, we recommend the Mushroom Capsules for Sleep.