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Functional Mushroom Wholesale: Featuring Pure Ingredients

Functional Mushroom Wholesale: Featuring Pure Ingredients

When buying functional mushrooms wholesale, there's an endless number of options to choose from. But not all medicinal and functional mushroom supplements are crafted the same.

With many functional mushroom products having contamination concerns, quality does truly matter, and that's why this is our top priority at Vidacap. All of our options are thoroughly checked for quality and are grown in specialized indoor greenhouses by cultivation experts. As an individual or a business owner, we believe you deserve the purest ingredients possible.

Order Wholesale Functional Mushrooms for a Business

Order Wholesale Functional Mushrooms for a Business

As with any successful business relationship, a functional mushroom distributor should be in direct contact with their clientele. Because of this, we are never more than an email or phone call away at Vidacap.

Our knowledgeable representatives are ready to answer any of your questions, to make your experience as seamless as possible. Whether you have a question about your order status, shipping status, or just a general question about our range of products, we're here to help.

We want you to have the most positive functional mushroom wholesale experience possible.

Benefits of Wholesale Prices from VidaСap

Extra affordable discounted rates
Select from a variety of mushroom products
Tailor and customize your order
Market-leading customer service
Completely accessible retail support team
Pure quality products
Exclusive priority packaging
Dependable, fast shipping

How Does the VidaCap Distributor Program Work?

Browse the Vidacap online shop and choose the selections you want for your company.
Register and create your wholesale account.
Get your verification and then order wholesale functional mushroom products for a company. It's that easy.

Order Wholesale Discount Products Online

Product image Cordyceps Capsules Cordyceps is a type of medicinal mushroom that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. Only recently has it been noticed by the Western world, and now VidaCap has introduced its very own line of cordyceps capsules. Our cordyceps mushrooms are grown in indoor greenhouses.
Product image Turkey Tail Capsules Turkey tail is a popular medicinal mushroom commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. For our turkey tail capsules, we only use the mushrooms fruiting body, which is believed to contain a more concentrated nutritional value than other parts of the fungus.
Product image Lion’s Mane Capsules Lion’s mane is a type of mushroom with a large, shaggy appearance, hence the name. Recently, lion’s mane has become a popular supplement because it has numerous potential health benefits; it has been featured in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries.
Product image Reishi Capsules A reishi mushroom is a rare fungus found at the base of deciduous trees. They have been part of medicine in the East for thousands of years. When you purchase our reishi capsules, you’ll benefit from the full range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients found in these mushrooms.
Product image Chaga Capsules It is a fungal species that is primarily found on birch trees. Technically, chaga is not a mushroom at all since mushrooms are a fungus’ fruiting bodies. Chaga produces mushrooms, but they are incredibly difficult to see. Therefore, we use the part of the fungus normally hidden in a tree, mycelium, to make our product. Our chaga mushrooms are grown in indoor greenhouses, where a fantastic group of specialists ensures they’re exposed to the environment they need.
Product image Capsules for Sleep With an estimated 30% of people experiencing short-term insomnia, the hunt is on to find a natural means of helping us get to sleep. The VidaCap range of Mushrooms for Sleep capsules provides just that. Made with reishi, passion flower, and melatonin, this blend is a trifecta of support.
Product image Lion's Mane Powder Lion's Mane mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-supporting properties. Those looking for an increased range of use will find VidaCap mushroom powders incredibly versatile. Our powders have been made using dual-extraction technology to ensure a complete range of beta-glucans, triterpenes, polyphenols, and other important mushroom compounds.
Product image Reishi Powder Reishi powder may help improve sleep and reduce stress & anxiety. Excellent for adding to smoothies, tea, coffee, or implementing into a range of culinary dishes. Each jar of mushroom powder contains 60g (60,000mg) of premium mushroom extract in convenient powder form.
Product image Gummies VidaCap mushroom gummies represent a novel introduction to the world of adaptogenic supplements. Using state-of-the-art extraction technologies, we have created one of the industry's first edible mushroom products. Available in an invigorating Apple Cider Vinegar flavor, our gummies deliver the potent therapeutic benefits of mushroom extract in a convenient, incredibly tasty edible form. Our Mycomatric Immunity blend also offers boosted immune support, helping keep your body balanced and functioning at optimal levels.

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At Vidacap, Quality Always Takes Priority

At Vidacap, Quality Always Takes Priority

The wholesale supplemental mushroom products that you decide on will ultimately become the livelihood of your operation. As is the nature of the universe, quality does rise above all else, so we want to make sure you only get the best. Beginning a business relationship with Vidacap ensures that you are getting thoroughly tested, and expertly crafted selections, which makes for a wise investment in your business.

What Our Customers say
I had been searching for functional mushrooms for a while after hearing about their potential for wellbeing, so I was especially happy when I stumbled upon Vidacap. My main priority was quality, therefore I wanted an perfect product. Vidacap has not disappointed and I currently take their reishi and turkey tail supplements daily.
Customer image
Tamara H.
I struggle with being able to relax, so after I read about the benefits of reishi, I was on a mission to find a good quality supplement that I felt like I could actually trust. I've been taking Vidacap reishi for a month now and for me, they're a complete de-stresser.
Customer image
Robert K.
I used to take different mushroom supplements just to help me find overall balance, but I was often unhappy with my options. This has been the opposite case with Vidacap and every day I continue to take Chaga, which I've noticed has made my ability to focus so much better.
Customer image
Michaela M.

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