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What Is a Mushroom Supplement?

What Is a Mushroom Supplement?

Mushroom supplements consist of various fungi and are said to be linked with a huge array of benefits, such as strengthening the immune system. Those who try them say that the fungi also reduce inflammation, which could decrease the risk of developing certain health conditions. Each mushroom variety has its own unique properties that could be utilized to help boost your energy and make you feel great.

Lion’s Mane Capsules  for a Mega Memory

Lion’s Mane Capsules
for a Mega Memory

Our Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules come from a mushroom known for its white, shaggy appearance that resembles a lion’s mane. They could improve memory, cognition, and concentration.

6 Reasons to Choose VidaCap
Premium Grade
All mushrooms used by VidaCap come from closed greenhouses in China and Russia. A team of experts constantly monitors their growth.
After harvest, each mushroom is carefully sundried, screened, and milled into the high-grade powder featured in our product line.
We Use the Best
Parts of the Mushroom
Our cordyceps variety comes from the mushroom's mycelium. The rest of our range comes from fruiting bodies.
We have already received five-star feedback from our customers to date. They love our service and the quality of what we bring to the table.
You know exactly what you get with VidaCap supplements. For instance, our capsules contain 750mg of dry organic mushroom powder.
Verified Laboratory
Third-party labs fully test every single VidaCap product. This ensures our supplements are free from heavy metals and other harmful components.
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The Industry’s Best Mushroom Supplements
for Body & Mind

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Relax with Reishi Capsules

Relax with Reishi Capsules

Our reishi mushroom capsules allow you to benefit from this remarkable product without experiencing the woody texture and bitter taste. Reishi mushrooms could help reduce anxiety and may even enable you to achieve a healthier sleep cycle. Try these capsules today and discover why reishi is such a hot commodity.

Turkey Tail Capsules   for a Stronger Immune System

Turkey Tail Capsules
for a Stronger Immune System

Our turkey tail mushroom capsules are packed with antioxidants and could stimulate the immune system. It may even help alleviate common digestive system issues such as bloating.

Energize with Cordyceps Capsules

Energize with Cordyceps Capsules

Believe it or not, our cordyceps mushroom capsules are a favorite amongst athletes. This mushroom variety could help the body to produce oxygen more efficiently. As well as potentially aiding athletic performance, cordyceps might speed up the post-exercise recovery process.

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People Who Choose Vidacap
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“Ever since I started taking VidaCap’s Cordyceps capsules, I have felt way more energetic. I work a pretty long work week and usually feel tired by the late afternoon most days. After taking these capsules for a while, I now feel able to power through work, and I even drink less coffee than before. The service was great too, thanks a lot!”
Michael P
“I’m very happy by how quickly these guys delivered my products. The packaging looks neat and professional, and the capsules work well for me.”
Eric A
“I did a lot of research and found that Turkey Tail is supposed to help make the immune system stronger. I get a lot of head colds and feel generally run down. However, these capsules have definitely worked for me as I have barely had the sniffles in months. I really like the fact that there’s no flavor because I hate the taste of mushrooms!”
Veronica H
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