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VidaCap Subscription Delivery Service

Save Time & Money with Weekly/Monthly Delivery of Your Favorite VidaCap Mushrooms
Do you sometimes forget to replenish your VidaCap supply before it runs out? Do you get frustrated knowing that you’ll have to wait a couple of days to get a new batch?

Imagine if it were possible to schedule regular delivery of VidaCap products at the click of a button. Guess what? This is precisely what you can do with our Subscription Service!
What Do You Need To Do

What Do You Need To Do

Simply select the "Subscribe and Save" button on your favorite VidaCap supplements, and get them delivered to your doorstep at a schedule that suits you (options include once every 2 weeks, once a month, or once every 2 months). Apart from the convenience of auto-delivery, our subscription service ensures you save a substantial amount of money (20% off on all products) each month.

Here are two crucial aspects of the VidaCap Product Subscription program:

Here are two crucial aspects of the VidaCap Product Subscription program:

Receive your favorite VidaCap products delivered automatically every two weeks, every month, or once every two months
Subscribers receive a 20% discount on all orders

The Vidacap Autodeliver Subscription Program – 3 Simple Steps

Choose Your Products:
Browse the VidaCap website, select the item(s) you want as part of the program, and click the "Subscribe and Save" button.
Select the Frequency:
How often do you want us to deliver the product(s)? Options include automatic delivery once every two weeks, once a month, or once every two months.
Control Your Account:
There is no obligation or monthly commitment when you use the VidaCap Subscription service. If you want to opt out for any reason, simply log in to your VidaCap My Account page and deselect the "Subscribe and Save" box.

FAQ: Vidacap Auto Delivery Subscription Service

Is it Easy to Enroll?

Yes! Simply go to the product page of the VidaCap product you want automatically delivered, and click on Subscribe and Save.’ Next, decide how often you want it delivered.

How Quickly Will VidaCap Process My Order?

We process subscription orders on the day of your initial order. For instance, if you place your first subscription order on July 14 and choose to have a monthly delivery, we process the next order on August 14. We will continue to automatically deliver your product(s) unless you pause or opt-out of the program.

Do You Accept All Payment Methods?

Yes. We’re delighted to say that we accept the usual payment methods for the VidaCap Subscription program.

How Many VidaCap Products Can I Select for Subscription/Auto Delivery?

As many as you like! However, please note that certain items are not available for subscription orders/automatic delivery.

How Much Can I Save By Using the AutoDeliver Program?

Subscription customers receive a 20% discount on all VidaCap products.
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