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What are the benefits of mushrooms?

Humans have used mushrooms for their nutritional and therapeutic effects for thousands of years. They are considered a ‘functional food’ and could play a significant role in improving our health through diet.


Many different types of mushrooms have beneficial properties. Here at VidaCap, we have selected some of the best-studied varieties for our supplements, including reishi, chaga, turkey tails, lion’s mane, and cordyceps.


Research has shown these species are rich in compounds called beta glucans, which support healthy immune function. Since humans cannot produce beta glucans themselves, consuming mushrooms could provide an effective way to enhance day-to-day wellness and vitality.


Each type of mushroom also has unique benefits with the potential to enhance physical and mental wellbeing.

What are the active ingredients in mushroom supplements?

Beta glucans are the key ingredient in most mushroom supplements. They are a part of a larger group of compounds called polysaccharides and are best-known for their effects on the immune system.


Mushrooms are also a fantastic source of dietary fiber and prebiotics for digestive health, vitamins (including B vitamins and vitamin D), minerals, and amino acids.


Different types of mushrooms also contain various other bioactive ingredients. Some examples include triterpenes in reishi, chaga, and turkey tails, neurotrophic factors in lion’s mane, and cordycepin in cordyceps.

Where do VidaCap mushrooms come from?

Most of Vidacap’s mushrooms are grown in China, a country with a long and rich history of medicinal mushroom use. The only exception is our chaga, which is grown in Russia where it has been a popular folk medicine for centuries.


How are VidaCap mushrooms grown?

VidaCap mushrooms are grown in closed greenhouses using wood as the substrate. Mushrooms are natural decomposers, and using wood mimics the outdoor growing environment of many therapeutic species.

How are VidaCap mushrooms processed after harvesting?

After harvesting, VidaCap mushrooms are dried slowly in the sun before being screened and ground to a fine powder ready for use.

What extraction processes are used?

Some brands use hot water or alcohol extraction to create their mushroom products. However, here at VidaCap, we believe that using the entire mushroom provides optimal nutrition and beneficial compounds. That’s why we use nothing but organic whole mushroom powder in our supplements.

Do you use mushroom fruiting bodies or mycelium?

What we generally think of as a mushroom is actually a fruiting body and part of a much larger organism. Below the surface, there is a whole network of structures that make up the bulk of the fungus, the mycelium.


Both the fruiting bodies and mycelium contain beneficial compounds. Here at VidaCap, we have chosen to focus on the nutrient-dense fruiting bodies for most of our products. The one exception is our cordyceps supplement, which comes from mycelium due to its unique growing habits.

Do you test your products for contaminants?

Yes, all VidaCap products are tested batch by batch for heavy metals and microorganisms to ensure a high level of purity.

Is it safe to use mushroom supplements if I have a medical condition or candida overgrowth?

Many consumers wonder about the safety of using mushrooms alongside medical conditions.  Some are especially concerned about candida as yeast is a type of fungus, just like mushrooms.


The good news is that mushrooms are generally considered a functional food with an excellent safety profile. However, as with all supplements, it is important to consult a health care provider before using any VidaCap products.

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